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Sumatra for Data Visualization

Sumatra Software is (and has been) one of the most popular Operational Reporting Tools for Exact Software. Available for every version and with unique features to drill down into every detail. Bringing the best visual experience to Business Managers every day. But why would you limit the use to just Business Managers? Why not share these Dashboards with everyone in your organization? Why not make specific Dashboards also available for Customers or Suppliers?

Use your existing Sumatra Dashboards and Reports on Exact Software. Or build new ones using Trusted Technology and a great visual experience.
Use the Context Based Security of Essence to control access to Dashboards and Reporting. Role-based, or make your Sumatra Modules even User Specific
Access your Sumatra Operational Intelligence on Mobile Devices too. Fully web-based without the need to install plug-ins or add-ons.
Sumatra Software is fully web-based. No data is stored on your device. Real-time data access is provided using our unique Context Based Security Model.
Use standard Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) to customize the look and feel of your Sumatra Modules. So you can follow your Corporate Styleguide.
Synchronize the data from your Exact Online in your own MS SQL database. So you can use Sumatra Software for Exact Online Data Visualization as well.
Share your existing Dashboards and Reports with everyone in your organization that needs the information. Using our Portals and Apps, you can even share them with Customers or Suppliers. Our unique Context Based Security will transform any Sumatra Module into a User Specific Module. Containing only the data they have access too.
  • A Single Sign-On Experience
  • Use Context Based Security
  • For all modern Browsers
  • For Desktop, Tablet & Phone
  • No plug-ins or add-ons required
Enrich your Data Model if your current data does not supply all you need for your Management Information. Add additional fields to your Customer Cards, Item Cards or vrtually any Card you want. So you can gather all the information you need, in a structured way. Directly from the source. Making Data Visualization richer than ever.
  • Add extra fields anywhere
  • All DataTypes supported
  • Referential Integrity ensured
  • Create selection lists
  • Decide on what is mandatory
Extend the functionality of your Business Software using Essence. Get rid of all the Excell Sheets you use to support your Business Processes. Use the Essence Portals and Apps, so your process data is available for reporting too. Making it possible to zoom in from a Management perspective, directly into the underlying processes.
  • Add Custom Functionality
  • Add Custom .NET Controls
  • Secure API available
  • Easy Distribution Model
  • Continous Delivery

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