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Rapid Application Development

You are unique. Just like everybody else. So your Business Solution should be unique. Unlike everybody elses! And that's why we created a platform everybody can use to build Portals and Apps. On top of existing Business Solutions like Exact Software. Or perfectly along side of them. Here's how our platform enables you to build at the speed of design!

Use what you have
All too often, new Business Software means a new database. Duplicating existing data, and then try to keep all the databases in sync. Not only is this very complicated and often very expensive. It is also time consuming. And often, we believe, unnecessary.

The Silver Essence Platform connects directly into your existing data. Ending the dependency of all the system integrations that only slows you down.
Shape your own Data Model
Data is key, if you want your Business Solution to run smoothly. So don't start with designing all kinds of complex Business Processes. Start out with your unique Data Model, that can include the data from the Business Systems and Databases you already use.

Using the Essence ToolBox you can shape and model your Data Model without writing a single line of code. And you can expand it, when your Business expands.
Build your own Business Logic
Once you have your Data Model in place, you start modeling the Business Logic. How should the data be presented? What happens when a button is clicked? And with our unique Context Bases Security, you are in full control of who sees what, and who can edit what.

Again, this is done without coding. If you know how to describe it, you can do it with the Essence ToolBox.
That's it! Start working!
This is were the magic happens. Once you have a Data Model and some Business Logic, you will have a fully functioning Portal. No more waiting for development to deliver a new release. It is there, just as you described it! And it is waiting to be used!

Don't like it? Then change it! Instantly. No need for users to log out. No need for down-time. The Portal is always in sync with your design.
Create Custom Controls
Using the Essence ToolBox you can design the menu and change the overall appearance of your Portal. You can even translate your Portal using the Multi-Language support. All without coding. But at some point, you might want to really design a custom application.

Here's where the Essence Software Development Kit comes in. Create your own Controls using ASP.NET/C# on top op the Essence Business Logic.
Integrate Other Systems
Using the Essence you can share, enrich and extend your data, and make it available to all your Portal and App users. But that data is also available through an xmlHttp webservice. Fully secured, Read/Write and with advanced Search capabilities.

Publish data to your website. Import data from other Business Systems. With one, simple and easy-to-use entry-point.

Make your Business Software a Permanent Fit

  • Reduce Development Time
  • Short Development Iterations
  • Your Data + Your Business = Your Portal
  • Real-time Application Deployment
  • Flexible & Expandable Data Model
  • Continuous Delivery

Let us help you getting started

Visit our Youtube Channel for more videos

Introducing: The Hackathon

Experience the Essence

Have us over at your office and within two days we will fulfill one of your business needs. Together with your team. Our vast experience helps you to tailor a new application. The data used is a direct input from your Exact database. No programming, just adjustment. The result may be presented in a portal for internal employees or external customers and suppliers.

Our Unique Hackathon Concept

  • We visit: A 2-Day session at your location
  • We listen: Tell us your business case
  • We design: Together, using a whiteboard
  • We build: Using our Essence Framework
  • We validate: The results with a Proof of Concept
  • We deliver: The plan to finalize, train & Go Live

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