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Introducing: The Hackathon

Experience the Essence

Have us over at your office and within two days we will fulfill one of your business needs. Together with your team. Our vast experience helps you to tailor a new application. The data used is a direct input from your Exact database. No programming, just adjustment. The result may be presented in a portal for internal employees or external customers and suppliers.

Step 1: Get in touch
You think of what you would like to see differently in your business software. Whether this has something to do with better working together with your customers or your suppliers. Giving your employees certain rights to add data or create an easy to use hour registration system.

Just submit your case and we our one of our partners will get in touch with you.
Step 2: Do the Hackathon
We contact you to schedule a Hackathon. During this 2 day session we will, sort of, build the solution for you. This allows you to see what the end result will look like.

The best part of this process? You sit together with the technical consultant. You communicate with the same person who will finish the app or portal for you. So no information gets lost from sales to technical consultant to developer.
Step 3: Receive a Proposal
We send you the proposal for the remainder of the work. At this time we can give you a very accurate proposal for the rest of the work. And you know what to expect. After all, you have seen the result of the Hackathon. Maybe even clicked around in your Portal already.

Our Consultant will have told you all about what is to be done to go live with your Portal. No surprises!
Step 4: Finalize your Portal
Next we will finalize your Portal. Using the specifications as set during the Hackathon. And as confirmed by you in the Proposal. And again, you are invited to stay involved.

See the results on a daily basis. Bring in other key-users from your organization that will be using the Portal. So they can have their say as well. And so that they can prepare themselves for the Go Live.
Step 5: Let's Go Live!
After a short training you get started and start working with your Portal. And the best part, should you (temporarily) wish to add additional users, you can do so.

Your Consultant will be there to make any last changes, following up on the feedback from the users. This enables you, and the people in your organization to be ready for any situation.
Ready for the Next Step
As you will experience during the Hackathon, the Silver Essence Framework can grow with your organization. It can change, just as fast as your business is changing. Your Partner can help you doing that.

Just ask for the options for Service and Support Contracts to keep your Essence Portal up-to-date and in-line with your daily business!

Book your Hackathon Today!

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