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Share, Enrich & Extend your Exact Software

Unlock your Exact Data

Make information available for everyone inside and outside of your company. In a safe and secure way.

Share & Collaborate

Work together using the same data. Involve customers and suppliers in your business processes.

Rapid Application Development
for Exact Software

Use Silver Essence to unlock the data from your Exact Software. Share the data from your Exact Online administration with all your employees and customers. Silver Essence is the Rapid Application Development platform for Exact Online, Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe. Let your website visitors create Requests in your Exact Synergy Enterprise. Have your customers approve Hour Entries for their own Projects. Seamless Integration and real-time collaboration. With build-in integration of popular reporting tools like Sumatra Software and Microsoft SQL Reporting. Discover the endless possibilities of Essence for your Exact Software.

Unlock the data from Exact Online or Exact Synergy Enterprise. Share information and collaborate with all stakeholders. Simple but Secure.
Create Portals and Apps, using real-time data. Essence Portals run on Windows, Mac-OS, Chrome-OS, Android or iOS in any modern browser.
Create Customer and Supplier Portals. With intuitive and easy-to-use Startpages and Role-based menus, using our unique Context Bases Security.
Use Essence to share Sumatra Dashboards or Reporting Server Reports. Using data from Exact Online, Exact Synergy Enterprise or Exact Globe.
Use the Essence Webservices to integrate data from your Exact Software into your website. Turn your website forms into smart Exact Add-Ons.
We strictly use the official Exact Online API and the Exact Synergy SDK. So creating and updating is always done using Exact's Business Logic.

Winner of the
Exact Innovation Award

The Hackathon @ Exact Live 2015

To access the data from your Exact Software, you have your Exact User Licenses. But what if you need to share information from Exact Online in a Customer Portal? What if your external resources should create Expense Requests in Exact Synergy from their smartphone? Can you offer advanced reporting on Exact Globe to external stakeholders?
  • A Single Sign-On Experience
  • Use Context Based Security
  • For all modern Browsers
  • For Desktop, Tablet & Phone
  • Reporting Integration
Exact Online is a cloud-based solution that enables you to be up-and-running in no time. But what if you need extra fields on your Customer Card? Or what if you want to hide cost prices for users that are not involved in procurement? Enrich your Exact Online data and security model using the Essence platform.
  • Add extra fields anywhere
  • All DataTypes supported
  • Referential Integrity ensured
  • Create selection lists
  • Decide on what is mandatory
Use Essence to extend the look-and-feel and functionality of your Exact Business Software. Create Portals and Apps for your unique Business Processes and integrate the results directly into your financial administration. Involve your Customers or Suppliers directly in your logistic or service processes for optimal collaboration.
  • Add Custom Functionality
  • Add Custom .NET Controls
  • Secure API available
  • Easy Distribution Model
  • Continous Delivery

Exact Certified Integration

With Business Applications like Exact Software it is crucial to ensure your data stays consistent. Therefor, data that is created outside of the Exact Applications itself, should strictly follow the Exact Business Logic. The way to do this, is to make use of the Exact API's for Exact Online. Or the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Exact Synergy Enterprise. Silver Essence follows the Exact Coding Standards for Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting data to ensure data consistency.

Exact Online

Exact Online offers 2 API's. Essence uses mostly the Exact Restful API, which is the fastest, most advanced and secure option. Using OAuth for authentication and the OData protocol for communication. Besides that, Essence can create more complex entries using the XML API. To see what is possible with the Exact API's, check the Developer Information on the Exact Website

[ Exact API Documentation ]

Exact Synergy Enterprise

The way to build custom applications for Exact Synergy Enterprise is to use the Exact Software Development Kit. Silver Essence includes a special webservice for Exact Synergy Enterprise that handles all the data traffic according to the Exact Guidelines. Another advantage of this method is that Add-Ons from other suppliers (like Course Management from Cane, or the Pink Elephant Solution Builder) are also supported by Essence.

[ Cane Course Management ]  [ Pink Solution Builder ]

Sumatra Software & Exact Globe

Sumatra Software is one of the most used tools to create advanced reporting and dashboards for Exact Globe. Using Silver Essence you can share these dashboards and reports with all stakeholders, or through a Customer Portal. Making use of our unique Contet Based Security for optimal control on who can see what.

[ Sumatra in action ]

Ready to integrate your Exact Software?

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