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Let us introduce ourselves!

Where it all started

Firmly rooted in ERP software implementations and customization, our founders history goes way back to 1992. Back then, Robert Browne founded Cane Software. A company that sells and implement Exact Software. Cane also did a lot of Custom Solutions on top of Exact Software. One of these solutions was made a separate one, 2020vision, through which purchase invoices could be scanned and, after a thorough procurement process, booked in the Exact ledger. Mind you, this was in the late nineties, and it was a revolution in this market. Nowadays 2020vision still provides its solutions in a separate company.

In 2003, Andre Speek joined Cane and initiated a whole range of add-on modules for Exact Software. These modules were also succesfully sold by other Exact Partners in the Dutch market and beyond. One reason why Cane became succesful with these Custom Solutions, was the Software Development Kit they developed. This enabled Cane to build faster and more reliable than others. Since there was (and still is) a huge demand for Custom Solutions in other segments too, the idea of turning the Software Development kit into a separate product took shape.

So, back in 2010, we started out as Silver Solutions. Our mission? Enable Partners to build cloud-based Portals and Apps without writing a single line of code, on top of existing software. In short, a Rapid Application Development platform with easy access to administrative systems like Exact was born. The Platform we provide through partners is called: Silver Essence.

Who started it all?

Robert Browne
Former Product Manager at Exact Software. Founder of Cane in the Netherlands and in Spain. Founder of 2020vision. Founder of Silver Solutions. Definitely a long time entrepreneur who has proven his worth in the field of Exact, SAP and NAV. Always prepared to take calculated risks when confronted with fundamental strategic choices, always driving a good ROI with a keen financial eye
Andre Speek
With almost 20 years of experience in IT, Andre is seasoned veteran in designing, building and implementing software. With awards for most-innovative guitars and software, and certified patent-holder, he is proven to be a creative innovator. Working with Robert since 2003. Ex-Member of the Exact Software Advisory board. Trusted Tester for Google. Always eager to talk about improving your business through technology.

What we have accomplished!

Some highlight over the years

  • January 2010: Silver Solutions was founded
  • July 2011: Launch of the first beta of Essence
  • May 2012: Launching our first customer: Kenneth Smit
  • November 2012: We introduce ourselves in Silicon Valley
  • November 2013: Launch Partner Channel at Exact Live
  • January 2014: Full integration with Exact Online
  • February 2014: Dutch patent for Essence is granted
  • March 2015: We win the Exact Innovation Award
  • July 2016: USA Patent for Essence is granted

What makes us different

We use your existing Data
When you're not completely satisfied with your current software, then why replace it completely? If your software does what you need, but you need just that little bit extra. Why not get that little bit extra?

That's why Essence works on top of your existing software and data. It's simply easier and faster. No complex data conversions. No complex system integration. Just that little extra to make ordinary, extra-ordinary.
Cloud-based and On-Premis
You don't want all the hassle in maintaining your own network? You want your Business Systems in the Cloud? We can do that. Essence can run in a public or private Cloud. But we can run On-Premis as well. We are flexible!

Here's why. If your RAD framework cannot run where it is needed, you may solve one problem. But introduce new ones. Synchronizing data across multiple domains? You don't want that!
No coding-skills required
To build a Portal or App using Essence, you must have a great idea. You need some understanding of Business Processes. About data modeling. About design. But absolutely no coding-skills are required. You can build a great Portal without writing a single line of code.

Think of it as building an application with Microsoft Access. But then fully web-based and ready for multiple users, with integrated security.
No Code Generator
Most RAD frameworks help you to work faster, by generating a lot of code for you. Which you then can complete. That's great, but there's still code to be maintained. Versions to be managed. Software to be distributed. Devices to be updated.

Our patented technology solves this problem by not generating code. When you need it, we virtualize it. Always up-to-date with the latest version for everyone.
Coding is optional
Without coding you already have a fully working web-application. With a great look & feel that we designed. Ready to use. But maybe you can do better and want to take it a step further?

Yes you can! You can build on top of our RAD framework. Using straight forward, familiar technology. Like ASP.NET and C#. Essence will handle the boring stuff like data-connections, security and business logic so you can focus on the best user experience!
Context Based Security
The way we secure data is really different. Usually, users have access to a specific screen in the application, or specific buttons. Based on user roles and levels.

Our security is different because it evaluates the context, based upon the logged-on user. Making it much more dynamic. And the security is not integrated in the application, but in the data itself. Making it much more secure.

The Hackathon @ Exact Live 2015